Some researches i did for Fly away: flying flowers, rocks, clouds.

I though it would be a great idea to put sea elements into our world because we had to justify that there was a flying fish. Moreover we wanted to create an original world. The fact that we created some elements refered to the aquatic world makes the flying fish more “legit” because he easily blends in this world (since he is half fish). I also redesigned the “fish” because it was more interesting to animate and tell the story of a fish-insect hybrid and it made more sense to the story.

Clouds with weird shapes: inspired by oysters, anemones, but also mushrooms. Clouds represent the fish (the “blop”) nest, were he lives.

Blops live in the clouds because when they inhale the pollen of the flying flowers, they swell and fly away in the sky..Like bees living in trees and feeding from flowers on the floor.

I did a lot of flower researches because at the begining, the characters were fighting for a flower, so it had to appear attractive, yummy etc. 

For the flowers, I was inspired by cakes covers in pastery. The way they are presented look precious, yummy, that’s what i wanted for the design. Pollen is like a precious cake protected by a jelly cover.